Safety & Security is our Number One Priority

Apart from most of our tutors being Enhanced DBS Checked, We take every measure to ensure Safety & Security of our students & tutors

Disclosure & Barring Service

5 Years reference checks for tutors

All tutors are thoroughly background checked for the past 5 years of work history. The majority of our tutors are DBS certified for peace of mind

Interviews & training of tutors

We interview all potential tutors for suitability and provide training for all tutors prior to lessons being given to ensure a great level of teaching from new tutors

Recorded sessions with playback available to parents & teachers

All lessons are recorded and available for playback at any time for students, parents and tutors alike to review past sessions. All communication is made through our platform and recorded for your safety

Data protection and GDPR compliance

We take every measure to ensure any user data is securely collected and stored. No user data is shared with any third party and all practices are compliant with current user data protection and confidentiality laws

Payment Security

Enjoy online tutoring with confidence and peace of mind through our secure and simple payment methods

All payments are securely processed through PayPal or WorldPay

Parents can control student spending though our top up wallet system

Student & tutor details are securely stored & not accessed or viewed by us

No hidden costs or subscriptions and only pay for the lessons you take

Quick Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Data: Name, email address, phone number, school name, bank account details

Tutor Data: Name, address, phone number, email address, bank account details, educational details, referees, CRB & DBS information, a short bio and a profile picture.

Student data will be supplied either by the student or by the parents of the student. Tutor data will be supplied by the tutor themselves.

The data will be used for internal communication, making payments, promoting products and promoting tutor profiles. No data will be sold to any third party or will be shared with anyone outside the Teach9 business.

The data will be kept for 1 year from the date at which profile becomes inactive on the website or mobile application.

The data will not be shared with any external parties, it will be used within Teach9 only.

All data will be stored on a secured server location procured from Amazon Web Services.
Additionally, to remain compliant with GDPR implications throughout operations, Teach9 will be enforcing the following:

  • Awareness: Make all staff, tutors and customers aware of the GDPR policy.

  • Information: Ensure all data is always stored on one secure and central server, and that no data is copied and stored anywhere else.

  • Privacy: All data remains confidential internally and that no information is shared between users without prior consent..

  • Rights: Ensure that customer and tutor data remain compliant with the Privacy Rights and Data Retention Right of GDPR and the business.

  • Consent: Ensure Teach9 remains compliant with how consent for seeking, obtaining and recording data is processed. For under age students, ensure that consent from parents or legal guardians has been procured.

  • Breaches: Define clear procedures and policies to reduce the risk of breaches, and if required how to react and deal with breaches occurred.

  • Officers: The Managing Director will be the Data Protection Officer for Teach9 and will be responsible for data protection compliance.

  • E-safety: Have a robust e-safety policy that is communicated and followed actively throughout the business.

  • Processor: Teach9 will choose an accredited Data Processor who is also compliant with GDPR obligations and IT asset disposal.