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A Level, GCSE, Primary

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Suhail Ahmed


I prefer to build strong, personal relationships with students, because I believe personal relationship is foundation to student success. The more associated the student feels, the more teacher earns respect and consideration, the key ingredients for students to learn well. I teach to the student's strength that helps me to minimize the student weaknesses. I always listen and communicate early and often with parents, that helps me to map a better plan for success. I always believe that, the better lesson planning by tutor leads to student success. I always plan my every session keeping these 6 points in my mind. 1. Outline learning objectives 2. Develop the introduction 3. Plan the specific learning activities (the main body of the lesson) 4. Plan to check for understanding 5. Develop a conclusion 6. Create a practical timeline I have got Engineering degree qualification, which makes me the most appropriate tutor for mathematics subject. I have studied as well trained the simplest mathematics as well as complex one. So, I know the subject's concepts, ideas and problems inside out. I can discuss and introduce the rigor of real-life applications. I can make learning relevant to students' interests, thus create more students who actually care about what they are learning.


Maths(A Level), Maths(GCSE), Maths(Primary)


University of Birmingham
MSc Electrical Engineering



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