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A Level, GCSE, Primary

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Haseeb Sheikh


Hi! I'm Haseeb, a graduate from the University of Bath. Over the past few years I've been teaching Maths and English, in and out of classrooms at Primary & GCSE Level. I also have experience of teaching Economics and Business Studies to GCSE, A’ Level and BSc University students. My wide range of academic experiences have helped develop my passion for tutoring, and I always aim to draw on this experience to ensure that our sessions can be adjusted to suit you as an individual. I'm open to trying any teaching approach that students or parents prefer, but our sessions will otherwise focus on identifying gaps in knowledge, teaching any content that students may have missed at school, working through example questions together and then setting relevant exercises to be done between sessions. Ideally students will request material outside of sessions, so that our lessons can be prepared and session time used efficiently. My main aim is to build the student's confidence in their chosen subject, and to work with them to discover methods of teaching which enable them to get the most out of the tutorials and to fulfill their potential.


Business(A Level), Economics(A Level), Business(GCSE), Economics(GCSE), Maths(GCSE), English(GCSE), Science(Primary), Maths(Primary), English(Primary)


University of Bath
MSc Advanced Management Practice



    Tatiana Fedorov

    My younger sister was having a lot of trouble keeping up with Science and Math lessons at school. I was very concerned as her GCSE was only a few months away. Hiring Haseeb was a great decision. He helped her overcome her fears of Maths and Sciences as well as helped her achieve the highest grade in class.

    Misha Alexeev

    Haseeb’s explanations are always so clear! He manages to break down the hardest concepts in small steps, and tackles them one by one.

    Aditya Biswas

    After every lesson with Haseeb, I see my son, voluntarily, practicing the rules of grammar and sentence structure with such enthusiasm. That’s how every tutor should be!

    Krishna Rao

    Haseeb progressed through the whole syllabus to ensure that my goals were achieved. He was extremely thorough and ploughed through every past paper. He made sure no stone was left unturned.

    Lewys White

    A good tutor

    Grace Walker

    Haseeb is very friendly and his method of teaching is clear and concise and has helped a lot in my understanding of certain topics

    Aaaqil Seif

    i found the lesson very helpful and did gain a lot of knowledge. i also received a much clearer explanation of things i have come across before.

    Aditya Biswas

    I've had a few lessons now and I feel so much happier with everything that we've covered. At the beginning of the sessions I was really worried about the exam but now I feel so so confident and am ready for the exam!!

    Louise Johnson

    Good, concise explanations of the topic with a friendly and patient approach to helping with difficult questions.

    Johnie Thomas

    Great tutorial! Excellent and concise explanations that really helped me! Looking forward to the next one!

    David Evans

    Haseeb was fantastic at answering any spontainious questions or quieries off the top of his head whilst using graphs and examples to help explain the content. He was really useful and easy to learn from!

    Robert wilson

    Very generous. Focuses on students weakness points. Gives great examples which makes understanding concepts much easier!

    Peter Brown

    Amazing wonderful person and extremely talented. Helped me a lot and we did a lot of different activities to do which was lots of fun.

    Lee davies

    He is very patient and goes through the syllabus in detail. The notes are very helpful for future reviews for the exams. :) also, he makes sure that everything is understandable by asking questions for revision.

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