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Experienced, Trusted and RESULT-ORIENTED Team of Tutors From Top Universities

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Our tutors are interviewed, background checked and picked from leading UK universities

Connect with your tutor in our virtual classroom and easily study from home. Only pay for the time you use and replay your lessons at any time

Online lessons made fun and easy with our Online Classroom

Digital Pads

Digital Pads

Use our digital pads or your tablets to annotate freely during lessons. Contact us to order your digital writing pad.

Video & Messaging

Video & Messaging

Communicate with your tutor easily through webcam video and instant messaging in our online classroom.

Share Files

Share Files

Upload files quickly and easily to the classroom by dragging and dropping.

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

Fully equipped interactive whiteboard with intelligent tools to help with lessons.

Recorded Lessons

Recorded Lessons

Playback your lessons at anytime.

Calendar & Easy Booking

Calendar & Easy Booking

You can view all your upcoming and completed lessons in your learning calendar.

Your first lesson is on us. Sign up and get a free hour of tuition with one of our expert tutors.

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The benefits of online tutoring & learning with Teach9

We are a UK based online tutoring platform that gives students freedom to access a university or qualified tutor from any location.

No subscriptions or hidden costs – just pay for the time you use

We can find a tutor for you in minutes and connect you to a tutor in your chosen GCSE to A-Level subject and help you improve grades, find a quick fix to a problem, and work closely with a trusted tutor.

From Maths to English, and Science to Business Studies – we have you covered.

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Finding a local home tutor can be difficult and expensive. Online tutoring gives you access to the brightest and best tutors from across the UK when you need them.At Teach9, we have handpicked tutors from top universities that are only a click away.

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We offer competitive pricing and zero hidden fees or subscriptions – simply pay for the time you're learning. Our tutor rates are set by us and ensure a good wage for tutors while staying affordable.

Lessons start at £14.99 per hour / 30p per minute

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Online tutoring has never been easier and more accessible with current technology.Teach9 has all the best tools and tech to make the most out of lessons.

A bespoke online classroom and student dashboard that has whiteboard and drawing tools, video recording, lesson playback and much more.

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